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OmniPage v17 Professional

OmniPage v17 Professional merupakan software yang menggunakan pengenalan karakter optik (OCR) teknologi untuk mengubah data dari hasil scanning atau file gambar ke dalam file elektronik yang Anda dapat mengedit, dan cari ke dalam berbagai format pilihan Anda. Seperti WOrd,Excel dan Power Point.

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OmniPage - a powerful professional software optical character recognition, which allows you to convert scanned documents into text documents. This program provides accurate OCR with preservation of its structure and quickly convert scanned images into editable and formatted text. The resulting document can handle almost any text editors, as well as programs for posting on the desktop and the Internet. The set of programs also includes utilities for converting PDF into other text formats and tools for creating PDF documents from text files.

Extras. Information: Main features:

* The most accurate conversion of scanned documents into text files in 123 languages
* Raspoznavatelnye dictionaries for financial, legal and medical professions
* Convert PDF to Word and Excel documents
* Excellent sized characters in pattern recognition
* An excellent analysis of the pages and high speed
* Many-core parallel processing
* The functions of document management
* Conversion between digital document formats
* Conversion of image files into text documents
* Integrated tools for document management
* Direct connection to the PaperPort
* Automated collection of data from forms
* Adjustable speed control
* Creation of audio documents from paper and digital documents
* Automatic backlight and strikeout text

Version: v.17

* Developer: Nuance
* Platform: Windows ® 2003/XP/Vista
* Compatibility with Vista: complete
* Language: English + Fr + De
* Medicine: Present

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