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Windows XP Light SP3 2011 I 1.66 GB

Windows XP Light SP3 2011 | 1.66 GB

Captain majid Modified version of the creator,Him all the thanks and appreciation to this wonderful version.To each of the systems used by the modified XP, and others who prefer to use
Professional versions of the primitive, let me offer ...

I would not say the latest and most powerful nor the most beautiful and best not proven safer and faster and Kter heard this conversation before this but ... a woman without pride copies of XP on all The Master Of XPCD's.

Here, first the most important amendments in this version from its predecessor:
1). The possibility of a conversion interface between the Arabic and English and French for Windows very easily.
2). Fix a simple error occurs when the previous version working password for Windows.
3). Repair error when you copy a file path or folder containing the Arabic names.
4). The ability to write in Arabic on the Mini XP with an indicator shows the current language of writing.
5). Amendments to the context menu My Computer.
6). To make the program director of POP Peeper default e-mail, and the start of Ava Find tool with Windows automatically.
7). Add two tools restored RRT and get rid of the effects of viruses.
8). Add the screensaver Auslogics Disk Defrag to defragment the files on the hard automatically.
9). Defragment the pagefile.sys file system and registry files automatically using the tool pagedfrg.exe.
10). Add 3DP chip tool for immediate download device profiles from the Internet.
11). Definitions SATA.
12). Updated many of the tools and programs on the version.
13). Add some basic programs:

WinRAR 4.0 Arabic
Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 SP2 + 3.0 SP2 + 3.5 SP1
Internet Download Manager 6.06 build 8
14 Add packages definitions for all graphics cards, sound, network and network Allowaarls, motherboards, modems, with the possibility of using the existing definitions Pal DVD copies of XP to define the other.

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